Development of Products Using Bioplastics

We actively engage in the development of products using biodegradable resins,

plant-based resins, and resins primarily made from paper to reduce environmental impact.

Introduction of Equipment Aimed at Reducing Environmental Impact

Switching from conventional hydraulic injection molding machines to electric types,

resulting in a reduction of electricity consumption by approximately 60%

Collaboration towards the Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Outsourcing of Handicraft Work to Local Facilities for the Purpose of Contributing to Community Welfare

Utilization of Reusable Containers

We have discontinued the use of cardboard in our internal logistics and switched to plastic folding containers,

which can be reused multiple times. This transition has significantly reduced cardboard waste.

Recycling of Plastic Materials

We pulverize the resin parts that do not become products during the manufacturing process and reuse them as part of the raw materials,

aiming to reduce waste of discarded resin.