40 years after its birth 

A masterpiece of Band clip.


Products designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Products like name tags and pocket pouches, used for daily attachment and detachment, are designed with high durability in mind. Additionally, the accompanying safety pins are specially designed for attachment to the band clips, enabling smooth attachment to various garments and fabrics.

Secure, custom-made hooks

To address the ease of changing items while using bands for suspension, we've implemented a custom-made hook for MERZEN PRODUCTS's band clips. These hooks are designed to be sturdier and less prone to detachment compared to conventional hooks used on garments, reducing the risk of items falling off.

Stable quality achieved through automated machinery and fixtures production.

We produce the components for band clips in-house and ensure stable quality by using automated machinery for the majority of the assembly process. For the remaining steps, we utilize fixtures to ensure consistent quality during assembly.

Customization options that expand with detachable types.

Originally developed for attaching name tags to the chest, band clips have evolved to meet the needs of the times. Anticipating the increasing demand for hanging straps such as ID cards around the neck, detachable types were developed as one solution. With the option to choose from multiple shapes, the potential for customization expands, offering versatility.

Utilization of recycled materials

in pursuit of environmental considerations.

The body of the plastic band clips B-2/B-20 is made using recycled resin materials. This results in approximately 70% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to vir


B-2N(with sefty pin) / B-20N(without sefty pin)

Our most popular name tag clip. It allows for adjustable angles and can be attached to various locations aside from clothing pockets. It comes in a wide range of variations, including detachable types. You can choose whether to include safety pins or not.

B-50(without sefty pin)

A band clip made entirely of resin. It does not contain any metal, so it does not trigger metal detectors. Additionally, compared to regular band clips, it features a shorter and more compact design.

B-1(with sefty pin) / B-10(without sefty pin)

An ideal ID card holder, this tag name badge allows for versatile hanging wherever desired. With a lever part that rotates 360 degrees, it can be attached vertically or horizontally with ease. You can choose whether to include safety pins or not.

B-3(with sefty pin) / B-30(without sefty pin)

A high-end metal type with a luxurious finish. It offers grip strength and angle adjustment equivalent to the B-2/B-20 type. You can choose whether to include safety pins or not.

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