Name Tag / Button Badge /Acrylic Keychain

When it comes to badge clip, Clicky is the classic choice.

Plastic Lever typeMetal Lever typeRotating Type
Standard size

*Standard type of plastic badge clip

P-1 / P-10

S-1 / S-10

KP-2 / KP-20

KS-2 / KS-20
Deep size

*You can clip this badge deeply to the pocke

P-2 / P-20

S-2 / S-20
Smallest size
P-4 / P-40

S-3 / S-30

KP-4 / KP-40

Regarding the selection of Clicky

3type × 3size

with or without Safety pins,Double-sided tape

Selection is available.

Regarding the availability of safety pins

For all Clicky, you have the option to choose between having safety pins or not.

Traditionally, safety pins were often chosen for their frequent use as fasteners for name tags. However, recently, they are also commonly adopted as stands for pin badges or acrylic keychains. Therefore, customers can select according to their intended usage.

Regarding the availability of double-sided tape

For all Clicky, you have the option to choose between having double-sided tape or not.

Switching from welding to double-sided tape for installation contributes to streamlining the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, we use double-sided tape made in Japan, which is highly preferred due to its strong adhesive properties and excellent workability, leading to widespread adoption.

For further details, please inquire with us