Design focused on preventing cord breakage

Retractable Reel


Secure, custom-made hook to prevent detachment

When using belts for suspension, it's easy to change what's being suspended, but there's also a risk of it coming loose and falling off. Therefore, the hooks used with the belts for Marzen's reel parts are custom-made with a stronger and more secure design compared to typical hooks used on clothing. This ensures they are less likely to come loose.

VARIOUS Retractable Reel

There are four types of suspension methods

With Belt Type

The belt is attached using a triangular ring.
This type has become the standard for our reel parts.
Lock Type 

Even when hanging heavy objects,
they will not drop when the lock is engaged.
※ Supports weights up to 750g
Without Belt Type

We can customize according to the item
you want to hang using options such as triangular rings.

Easily attach your card case!
It features a shorter overall length for a sleek style.

A reel series that can be used in various situations


Ideal for hanging name tags or contactless ID cards, allowing for easy access when extended from the neck. It can be easily attached with a one-touch mechanism and does not require sewing, leading to cost savings and faster processing.

RE-V series

Convenient for use with key folders and similar items when extended. The ring part has a special shape, allowing attachment of double rings with a diameter of 1.2mm or more, round cords with a diameter of 3-5mm, and flat cords with a width of 8-10mm.

RE-FISH series

Rotating clip function added to the reel feature. It can be easily extended to any angle, thanks to its 360-degree rotation capability. It offers the same strong grip power as our proven FISH clip.

RE-Hook series

The hook rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to extend from any angle. It can accommodate rings or cords, and is compatible with round cords up to Φ5mm and flat cords from 8-10mm in width.

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