Clipin is Safety pin with lock.
Best long seller in Japan.
We can find them at school,office,home

and everywhere around us.


Considering that children also use these pins,

we prioritize safety

by selecting an appropriate needle thickness

The needles used in our Clipin pins are slightly thicker than those of other companies' safety pins. This is intentionally done to prevent unintended needle slippage, ensuring safety for toddlers and elementary school children. Additionally, we pay close attention to minimizing burrs (rough edges or protrusions) common in molded plastic products during manufacturing.

While the thicker needle might make attachment and removal slightly more difficult at times due to stronger spring tension, we prioritize safety above all else, especially considering their widespread use in fastening name tags for kindergartens and elementary schools.

The meticulously crafted needle tips

by our artisans do not damage the fabric.

The needle tips of various pins are crafted by our in-house artisans through meticulous polishing. The needles undergo multiple processes including shaping the steel material to a pointed tip and polishing the metal surface to remove any irregularities, ensuring smooth fabric penetration. Additionally, they are shaped into a robust bullet-like form, resistant to bending and breakage. Furthermore, the needles used in Clippin pins are made of stainless steel, providing excellent resistance to rust.



Clipin Medium

Length:44 mm

Clipin Large

Length:53 mm


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